Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Traffic Monitoring Services?

We offer a car park monitoring service to ensure parkers are complying with car parking terms and conditions. Traffic Monitoring Services Pty Ltd has been engaged by Secure Parking to act as an agent to issue non-compliance breach notices.

Are private parking breach notices enforceable?

Yes. Private non-compliance breach notices are enforceable under laws relating to contracts and the consent given to parking on private property. Please click here for further information on why we issue non-compliance breach notices.

How did you obtain my name and address?

You may have provided your details in a previous appeal to Traffic Monitoring Services. Alternatively we also may have obtained your details by order of the applicable court in your relevant state.

I didn't see any signs stating the terms and conditions of the car park, and now I have received a breach notice?

  • Signage at our car parks is very prominent and clearly worded.
  • Please click here to view terms and conditions page.
  • I received a reminder letter today but I do not recall receiving a breach notice?

    All non-compliance breach notices are affixed to the vehicle upon issue. The reminder letter summarises your breach notice details.

    Can I appeal?

    Yes, click here to go to the appeals page. Please note that the appeals process cannot commence via telephone. All appeals must be in writing.

    Breach notice payments available securely online 24/7

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